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Company Profile

Vijay Enterprise: A name in Packaging Machinery & Materials.

Background & Location

We are a Kolkata based company established in the year 1985 engaged in Manufacturing, Import & Distribution of Adhesive Tape, Self Adhesive Tape, Packaging Machineries, Packaging Tools & Packaging Materials. We are having our sales & service network in all important towns of Eastern India viz. Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Patna, and Bhubaneswar etc.

We have a well-equipped Factory, Office & Warehouse with an efficient team of Marketing & Sales Executives for marketing its Product range along with a dedicated team of Qualified Service Engineers to provide necessary after Sales Service.

We presently Manufacture, Import, Market & Service the following Product Range:-

Packaging Machines

1. Box Strapping Machine

(A) Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine
(B) Fully Automatic Box Strapping Machine/ Automatic Strapping Machine
(C) Plastic Strapping Machine
(D) Box Strapping Machinery
(E) Product Strapping Machine
(F) Strapping Machine
(G) Carton Strapping Machine

2. Carton Sealing Machine

(A) Carton Taping Machine
(B) Box Taping Machine
(C) Adjustable Taping Machine
(D) Tape Machine
(E) Carton Packing Machine

3. Shrink Wrapping Machine

(A) Shrink Packing Machine
(B) Product Shrink Wrap Machine

4. Stretch Wrapping Machine

(A) Carton Stretch Wrapping Machine
(B) Box Stretch Wrapping Machine
(C) Product Stretch Wrapping Machine
(D) Box & Reel Wrapping Machine
(E) Pallet Wrapping Machine

5. Vacuum Packaging Machine

(A) Vacuum Product Pack Machine
(B) Vacuum Machine For Packing

6. Continuous Band Sealer

(A) Continuous Bag Sealer
(B) Band Sealing Machine
(C) Pouch Sealing Machine
(D) Bag Sealer Machine

Packaging Materials

1. Box Strapping Roll

(A) PP Box Strapping Rolls
(B) Polypropylene Box Strapping Rolls
(C) Patti Roll
(D) Strapping Patti

2. BOPP Tape

(A) BOPP Adhesive Tape
(B) BOPP Gum Tape
(C) BOPP Sticking Tape
(D) Carton Sealing Tape
(E) Self Adhesive Tape

3. PET Strap

(A) Polyester Strapping
(B) Polyester Strapping Tape

4. Shrink Film

(A) PVC Film
(B) LDPE Film
(C) Polyolyphin Shrink Film
(D) Shrink Label
(E) Printed Shrink Label
(F) Product Lable Film

5. Stretch Film

(A) Stretching Film
(B) Wrapping Film
(C) Plastic Stretch Film
(D) Plastic Wrapping Film

6. Vacuum Bag

(A) Vacuum Pouch
(B) Vacuum Packet

Other Products

(A) Vacuum Product Packaging Machine
(B) Continuous Bag/Band pouch sealing/ Sealer Machine
(C) PET / Polyster Synthetic strapping tape
(D) Plastic Pallet/Box Stretch wrapping cling film
(E) BOPP self sticking adhesive gum carton sealing tape
(F) PVC heat shrinkable film
(G) Printed product shrink label film
(H) Vacuum Bags/Pouch/packet

Company Status

We are marketing our Product in entire Eastern India, Bhutan, Nepal & Bangladesh. By now, it has an installation base of more than 2000 Machines and equal no of customers who are buying the Packaging Materials on regular basis.


Our Range of Packaging Machines & Materials are used for Packaging a vast range of products  across diverse Industries viz. Automobile Spare Parts, Glass, Leather, Footwear, Garments, Newsprints, Marine Products, Paper, Paint, Food Products and many more.


Our clients list include a host of Small & Medium sized companies and MNC companies like
TATA Motors ,TATA Timken, TATA Cummins, TATA Tea Ltd., Siemens, Bata India Ltd, Exide Ltd., Emami Ltd, Hindalco, Kesoram Rayon, Hindustan National Glass, ABP Pvt. Ltd. etc. are its customers

Customer Confidence

All our products are well-received, repeat orders from existing customers shows customer’s confidence in our products. High & Consistent Quality Competitive pricing, prompt after sales service, Timely deliveries, Ex-Stock Delivery of spare parts & affordable maintenance charges with or without AMC are our main strengths.

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